If you love cinema and good music there is no better place for you than this blog (well there is like million better places but I like to deceive myself) . My name is Sebastian . I am from Poland and I am 19. I love to write. Hope to do something with it in the future . Chairs are really great

Favorite Musicians -
-Tom Waits
-Neil Young
-Bob Dylan
-Nick Cave
-The Beatles
-Lou Reed
-Townes Van Zandt
-Gene Clark
-Paul Simon

Favorite Directors
-Ingmar Bergman
-Martin Scorsese
-Paul Thomas Anderson
-Wojciech Smarzowski
-Masaki Kobayashi
-Akira Kurosawa
-Woody Allen

And I used to be rockyhorror666 on tumblr

Enjoy my blog and rest in peace
The Apartment (1960) is the first Best Picture Oscar winner to specifically refer to a previous winner, in this case two of them. First Grand Hotel (1932), which Jack Lemmon’s C.C. Baxter attempts to watch on television but is too long delayed because of commercials. Bud’s boss also refers to Bud and Fran having “a lost weekend” together in Bud’s apartment, a reference to director Billy Wilder’s 1945 film and Oscar winner, The Lost Weekend (x).
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"… digital equality for all!"

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The Hourglass Sanatorium (Wojciech Jerzy Has, 1973)

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Don’t ever change, man.

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I’ve been wanting to redraw a scene for forever and I finally decided on a good one

I feel like this is like the Jesus painting restoration situation, but reversed.

And in both cases: probably shouldn’t have happened.

This is one of the greatest comments I’ve received on my art thank you

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Son of the White Mare

Approximate Run Time: 81 Minutes

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In my situation, days are like women - each one’s so damn precious, but they all end up leaving you.

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"I staggered through my career and came out the other end alive. I made some films that meant something to me. In my opinion, they weren’t all great, and they weren’t all successful, but they sure were ‘me’. And this is what I was going through or thinking or feeling as a director at the time, and I’m very proud of them. A lot of great directors just never had the chance to have their work appreciated and celebrated and watched all these years after they were made. So, man, what do you want out of life? It’s great!" — John Carpenter

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