If you love cinema and good music there is no better place for you than this blog (well there is like million better places but I like to deceive myself) . My name is Sebastian . I am from Poland and I'm 20 . I love to write. Hope to do something with it in the future . Chairs are really great

Favorite Musicians -
-Tom Waits
-Neil Young
-Bob Dylan
-Nick Cave
-The Beatles
-Lou Reed
-Townes Van Zandt
-Gene Clark
-Paul Simon

Favorite Directors
-Ingmar Bergman
-Martin Scorsese
-Paul Thomas Anderson
-Wojciech Smarzowski
-Masaki Kobayashi
-Akira Kurosawa
-Woody Allen

And I used to be rockyhorror666 on tumblr

Enjoy my blog and rest in peace

Vargtimmen (Ingmar Bergman, 1968)

Oct 18 (1084) ©

The House Is Black (1963)

Dir. Forugh Farrokhzad

Oct 18 (93) ©

”Of course it’s a documentary. Documentary is not about form, a set of rules that are either followed or not, it’s an investigation into the nature of the real world, into what people thought and why they thought what they thought. I think I can speak independently of my role as executive producer, because I have no financial interest in this film. The most you can ask from art, really good art, maybe great art, is that it makes you think, it makes you ask questions, makes you wonder about how we know things, how we experience history and know who we are. And there are so many amazing moments like that here.”

Errol Morris on The Act of Killing

Oct 17 (69) ©

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini, New York, 1986

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini, New York, 1986

Oct 17 (830) ©

EMI studios, 1969


EMI studios, 1969

Oct 16 (834) ©

Lon Chaney haunts opera box #5 - “The Phantom Of The Opera” (1925)

Oct 16 (360) ©
Oct 16 (1101) ©


Stalker (1979) dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

Oct 16 (312) ©
Title: The Boss
Artist: Pulp
Album: His 'n' Hers (Deluxe edition)
Plays: 44
Oct 16 (8)
Title: Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad
Artist: The Clash
Album: Give 'Em Enough Rope
Plays: 279
Oct 16 (100) ©

Martin Scorsese’s filmography.

Oct 16 (5267) ©
Title: Come Down Easy
Artist: Spacemen 3
Album: Perfect Prescription
Plays: 280


Spacemen 3 - Come Down Easy

Oct 16 (97) ©

Favorite albums Part 8

Oct 12 (2)

pta being told what his movies are about - for girlchilds

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